Recycle Black Dollars

We are not poor! We are not united!

The time has come to follow the script that is before us. We all know for the last 50 years we've been waiting for the 40 acres and a mule. Well the fact of the matter is, it hasn't happened. Even more so it probably wont happen. Our plight is no one's concern but ours. People all around the globe wonder why, Blacks don't vote in mass numbers, Blacks don't buy Black, Blacks are not UNITED.
While the clock is ticking, we've been waiting for reparatioms and systemic fairness! Until that happens there is something we can do for ourselves!
What we have here is the
Black Business Builders Club. A complex yet simple membership club that offers many opportunities for Blacks to assume wealth through Recycling Black Dollars as well as having access to the best entrepreneurial business training on the Internet.
If you have ever participated in a home based business you will be surprised to find out we have eliminated
the "GOT CHA'S" associated with programs that make you work hard and they make all of the money.
No products to purchase or sell!
No meetings to attend!
No pyramid!
The Black Business Builders Club is 3 years old and growing in numbers by the hundreds each month.

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                           Why Recycle Black Dollars?

A concept called "Recycling Dollars" is not a company or an opportunity. This is an answer and solution to no paychecks.  You will be able to put hundreds of dollars of cash into your wallet in weeks and months, not years and years. 

If you are looking to make real money, Black Business Builders Club is the answer.

If you spent just a portion of your time in promoting Black businesses as a member of Black Business Builders (BBB), you'd be amazed at the income you could generate.

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Please Join Our Live Conference Calls:
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Wednesday at 7pm CST call (661) 673-8600
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